How to Earn Money From Soundfry

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These steps will definitely help you earn money from Soundfry.
How to Earn Money From Soundfry

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There are 5 ways to earn money as an artist from Soundfry.

1. Sell Audiobooks

Artists can sell their audiobooks on Soundfry and get the highest royalty of 75% for each sale.

If an audiobook price is 1.99$ and for each sale, artists get 75% royalty.
This means the artist will get 1.49$ for each sale.

Special Offer till 21st June 2021 (World Music Day):
For First 100 sales artist will get a 149$ + 1$ Bonus! = 150$
For First 1000 sales artist will get a 1490$ + 10$ Bonus!! = 1500$

Soundfry will take only 25% as a Fee for hosting, payment gateway and other taxes.

Check Paypal Fees:

Note: The minimum withdrawal amount is 50$

2. Weekly Competition

Anyone can join the weekly competition of soundfry. The top 3 audio tracks can win exciting prizes from Soundfry.

3. Affiliate Program

If any new referred user joined any pro package later, we will pay 45% commission of the pro package.

4. Get Donation

You can also get donations from your fans via Paypal or other payment gateway providers.

All you need to do is,

  1. Make an account on Paypal or other payment gateway providers.

  2. Create a donation link to get donations.

  3. Share this link to your profile and tracks description.

  4. You can also tell your listeners to give donations in your audio.

Note: We do not take any fee for this donation.

5. Get Sponsorship

If you are so popular on our platform, you can also get sponsorship from different types of companies.

Join Soundfry Partner Program

* The Soundfry Partner Program is only available where PayPal accepted to send and receive payments. Check the PayPal available countries.



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